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- Turf Establishment

Turf Establishment refers to the process of ensuring the final turf surface is healthy and suitable for its intended use well into the future. It involves the final leveling of the playing surface; accurate selection of turf type; ensuring soil pH is satisfactory and that required nutrients are added in suitable quantities. Seed or sprigs and fertilizer is applied at the required rates and the watering system is set and measured.
Over the following three weeks the progress of germination is diligently monitored to ensure an even cover of grass growing at even rates. Nutrient levels are maintained until the new surface is established - when the root system is secure and the healthy longevity of the turf is confirmed.

Why is it required?
• To ensure the final surface levels are accurate.
• To ensure a strong and healthy beginning for the turf.
• To ensure the turf gets all the nutrients it requires for a long and healthy future.
• To establish a strong and secure root system.
• To make sure the watering system provides full coverage in appropriate quantities.
• Because you are making an investment and want a playing surface that will remain strong and
  vibrant for decades to come.

• What is the appropriate turf for the region and the use it will be put to?
• Is the soil pH suitable for the intended turf type?
• What nutrients and in what quantities need to be added to the soil to establish and maintain the
• What are the required application rates for seeds/sprigs and fertilizer to ensure good coverage?
• What are the required application rates for water depending on the season and turf type?