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- Summary

Sportsgrass P/L provides a complete turf maintenance and renovation service.

There are a number of reasons why a turf facility may lose condition over time.  It may relate to soil quality, lack of plant nutrients, lack of water, insufficient drainage, compaction of the surface or simply the age of the facility itself.  It is also worth remembering that most sporting surfaces come under significant stress during the playing season, resulting in far more rapid wear and tear than nature alone can handle.

Beginning with analysis and assessment of the surface in question any of the services listed above, or in combination, may be recommended.  Sportsgrass P/L, in consultation with the client, will design a strategy to solve the problem.

If your surface is starting to suffer or needs that extra care Sportsgrass P/L can help.  Whether it be maintaining soil, rejuvenating turf or removing unwanted weeds and pests, there is a renovation program that will keep your turf in outstanding condition.