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- Aeration

Aeration is the act of opening up the soil to the air by spiking, scoring or shattering the surface.

Allows oxygen, nutrients and water to filter down to
  the root zone naturally.
Loosens the soil and releaves compaction .
Aids BIO-Thatch control or the direct application of
  nutrients and pesticides.

Prevents plant roots staying close to the surface
  and making it unstable.

Best performed in Spring or Autumn.

To cover an average sized oval takes approximately 1 full day.

Type of soil.
Best performed when the surface is not too wet.
Some methods mean the surface cannot be used for a day or two.

Spike Aerator (best for hard soil types)
Hollow Tyne Coring Unit (best for fine or sensitive soil types)
Vibra Mole (best for sandy soils)