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- Top Dressing

The application of top soil for minor corrections to surface levels and to provide a good bed for seeding works.

Prevents puddles and boggy areas developing.
Reduces excess ware to key playing areas.
Promotes a healthier, more even turf surface.
Levels and stabilises the surface for player comfort.
Provides a good bed for overseeding works.
More aesthetically pleasing.

Best performed prior to annual renovations / during the active growing season.  I.E/ Summer for Couch and winter for Rye.

To cover an average sized oval anywhere from 2 hours to a full day, with up to a few weeks for establishment.

Application of same/compatible soil type to existing soil.
Match soil over underground drainage - avoid covering.
Weeds.  Exercise caution to prevent undesired weed germination.
Size and depth of the areas requiring leveling.

Top Dressing Unit