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- Overseeding

Essentially the regeneration or establishment of plant numbers or species to fix areas that become bare or too thin to support the intended use of the surface..

Promotes a healthier, more even turf surface.
Improves stability of the turf surface.
Safer for users of the surface.
Reduces the likelihood of weeds occuring.
More aesthetically pleasing.

Best performed according to the growth cycle of the particular turf - the growing season.

To cover an average sized oval most treatments require approximately 1 full day, with a day or two for clean up.  The surface should be rested until the new plants have established.

Assess the need for a growth retardent application to give the new seedlings the best opportunity
   to establish.
Are there weeds that need to be targeted during the process.
Assess the need for top soiling to correct minor surface irregularities.
Weeds.  Exercise caution to prevent undesired weed germination.
Hard surfaces may require loosening first.

Sisis (100mm row spacing)
TR50 (to loosen hard soil)
Top Dressing Unit (if surface levels need to be corrected)