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- Soil Amendment

Is the regular analysis and correction of soil to improve plant growth and stability of surface.  Often refers to the application of fertilizer, lime or gypsum etc to balance the nutritional value of the soil.
I.E.  Excess fertilizer can reduce the PH level of the soil restricting the ability of plants to access nutrients.  In this case we add lime to balance the PH.

Better nutritional value of soil.
Better Hydraulic conductivity
Improved plant growth.
Higher frequency of use fo surface.
 Reduced stress on the turf surface.
Maintains a safe and healthy playing surface.

The Analysis phase should be carried out 6-8 weeks from the last application of any chemicals.
Soil amendment should take place at the beginning of constructing a new surface, or in mid winter for an existing surface (slow growth phase).

Analysis, including laboratory testing usually takes around 2 weeks.  Treatment commonly takes around 2 days.

Type and health of turf.
Type and nutritional value of soil.
How frequent is surface usage?
How well does the surface hold and drain water?

A range of equipment depending on what is required - as determined by soil testing.
  Top dressing, aeration, material injection, scarifying, fertilising, soil additives, etc.