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- Laser Leveling

Laser Leveling is used to correct major surface irregularities.  It is usually undertaken as part of a major renovation of older surfaces or for totally new surfaces.


Promotes a healthier, more even turf surface.
Accuracy - laser guiding allows for topographical
  accuracy, providing appropriate leveling and

 Facilitates effective shedding of water.
Prevents puddles and boggy areas developing.
Reduces excess wear to particular areas of the
  playing surface.
Levels and stabilises the turf surface for player

Best performed prior to major surface renovations.  For new surfaces, laser leveling is performed after rough grading works to provide more accurate levels and slopes.

To renew or create a new surface takes 2-3 days for the average oval.

Existing site layout.
Existing environment - Proximity to waterways, protected bushlands etc; adequate fall and slope of

Obstacles for new construction - trees, power lines, etc.
Size and depth of leveling required.

Laser Leveller