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- Weed & Pest Control

Weed and Pest Control is best provided as part of an integrated management system.  With Sportsgrass P/L maintaining your turf the ultimate goal is to provide a healthy turf surface such that weed and pest control is required infrequently, if at all.  In other words, the best weed and pest control method is to maintain a vibrant and healthy turf surface.  Regular analysis of the turf surface is important.

Reduced reliance on chemicals and soil additives.
Reduced reliance on fertilizers.
Reduced cost.
 Reduced impact on turf surface.
Maintains a safe and healthy playing surface.

An integrated management solution takes into account such things as soil and plant types, frequency of use, watering levels, drainage, known local weed and pest trends and quick response corrections for minor problems that might occur.

The crux is that by working smart and in advance of projected problems a turf surface can be kept in optimum condition, requiring less human interference.  Key to this is regular analysis of the soil and plant condition, as well as testing for various pests and weeds.

If unusual infestations of weeds or pests occur, or appear likely, Sportsgrass P/L will be actively involved and ready.  A boom spray application may be applied or an organic method, such as the introduction of safe insects may be better, depending on the pest or weed in question.

Now and again preventative treatments may be applied, usually in summer for pests and in the growing season for weeds.

On going, all year round.  Analysis should be carried out 6-8 weeks from the last application of any chemicals.

Analysis, including laboratory testing usually takes around 2 weeks.  Treatment commonly takes around 2 days.

Type of turf.
Type of soil.
Local pest and weed trends.
How frequent is surface usage?
How healthy is the surface?
How well does the surface hold and drain water?
Chemical or organic treatment?

Boom Spray Unit